Roger G. Gheller
Diploma, "Tailor & Cutter" London

Welcome to Roger's Alterations

Visit Roger's Alterations in Bentleigh or Chadstone, near the Chadstone Shopping Centre, where our expert tailors can provide all types of clothing alterations for you including:

  • shorten and lengthen pants, jacket hems, jacket sleeves, skirts and dresses including formal wear;
  • resize clothes by adjusting the waist, back or side seams of garments;
  • taper or slimline clothes to compliment your body;
  • repair your clothes and replace broken zippers;
  • remodel the design and style of your clothes;
  • alter leather and suede; and
  • triple the life of your pants by adding a silk saddle.

Fast service available: 15 minute jeans shortening (conditions apply)

Roger's Alterations has three convenient addresses for you to take your garments for all types of clothing alterations.

Alterations On Bentleigh - 165 Jasper, Bentleigh
Phone: 9557 5709

59 Patterson Road, Bentleigh
Phone: 9557 6981

42 Poath Road, Hughesdale (Near Chadstone Shopping Centre)
Phone: 9563 3225